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Jay Ramsey

Vermont Agency of Education
State Director
Jay Ramsey is the State Director for Career Technical Education at the
Vermont Agency of Education where he leads a team of three that is
responsible for leadership, support, and oversight of Vermont’s regional
shared-time CTE system.  Mr. Ramsey has been in the role of state director
for three years, prior to that he served as the CTE work group supervisor and
as the state’s methods of administration (MOA) coordinator.  Before joining
the team at the Agency of Education, Mr. Ramsey served in school
administration as a Director of Human Resources and Risk Management, and as a
music teacher.

Since he has taken on the role of state director, Mr. Ramsey has served as
the President of the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity; led
successful efforts to create a new career pathways coordinator position on
his team; to inform policy makers about the state of CTE in Vermont; and to
successfully advocate for changes in existing policies.  Mr. Ramsey is
currently responsible for efforts to implement a common curriculum in
construction programs; to establish parameters for pilot projects around the
state that may change funding and governance of CTE; and, leading an
initiative to create a state-wide strategic vision and goals for CTE in
Vermont in an effort to provide a framework for future policy decisions in
the state.

Mr. Ramsey is part of the state’s inter-agency education and workforce
development team.  He serves on the state’s Registered Apprenticeship
Council, the Health Care Work Force Work Group, and is currently serving as
co-chair of the State Workforce Development Board’s Training and
Credentialing Work Group.  Mr. Ramsey is a resident of Barre, Vermont where
he lives with his partner, Josh.